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About us
Tutorjob.org was created as a direct result of the acute global job crisis caused by COVID-19. Our mission is to help all those impacted by providing them an alternate source of income to replace loss of traditional jobs as a result of lockdowns and other COVID-19 related restrictions. We're proud to have provided over 8,500 people from over 30 countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas the opportunity to earn an income simply by having conversation in their native languages with language learners from across the globe. We ensure that new tutors are provided with high quality support in the form of guides and subject specific webinars, which help them succeed in their future roles.
Top 3 Reasons to Become an Online Tutor
Why online tutoring is the perfect job for you:
100% Remote
All you need is a laptop and wifi. Plus no money spent on traveling to work everyday - sweet.
No Experience Required
You don't need any degrees or qualifications to start! Become a tutor and develop your communication, planning, and organisation skills - things your future employers will love.
Well Paid
Earn up to 30$ per hour and get paid after every lesson. Collect positive reviews from your first students to increase your hourly rates as well as acquire more students!
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Where do our Tutors come from?
How much does it cost to register on the platform?
Registration in our platform is absolutely free.
Do I have to commit to teach a minimum number of hours per week?
No, you don't. Once you register you can set your own availability as you please. Even if you don't plan to teach now we recommend you sign up anyway since it's free, then you can activate your availability any time as you never know when you can need some quick money.
How long does it take to get accepted?
The current review time of applications is 3-7 days.
Will I be able to give group lessons?
No, all the classes will be 1-1.
What's the commission structure of the platform?
The commission varies from 33 to 18% and depends on the number of completed lesson hours with students. The more tutoring you do through us, the less commission you pay.

The number of hours and commission value:
  • 0–20 - 33%
  • 21–50 - 28%
  • 51–200 - 25%
  • 201–400 - 22%
  • 400+ - 18
What is the payment scheme?
If you're happy with the first lesson, and the student wants to continue taking lessons with you, he or she will prepay your classes through the platform, choosing one of the packages available: 6, 12 or 20 hours. The more hours student chooses, the greater the discount is for the student. You will get paid after the lessons have taken place.

There's a number of payment methods available for you to choose. Bank transfer, PayPal and digital wallets like Paypneer or Skrull
How long are the lessons?
The duration of the lessons is one hour by default. If the lesson is shorter than the amount of time the student has prepaid, it is not possible to have another lesson with the remaining balance.

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